Applications that install Growl without your permission

Removing Growl

  1. Download the Growl uninstaller.
  2. Run the “Uninstall Growl” application.
  3. Click OK in the confirmation alert.

Please note that if you would like to see manual removal instructions, you can view those at the removing Growl page here.

Growl is now removed/uninstalled. Read on for more information about how this happened.

Why am I getting update notifications for something called “Growl”?

Update We did an interview about this with Macworld here.

There are two ways this could have happened.

One way is that you were asked to install Growl and you agreed to that installation.

The other way is that applications are installing Growl without asking you, or even telling you Growl is there at all. There are a couple of applications that bypass our permission check in the now retired Growl-WithInstaller.framework, or don't use our installer framework in the first place. Either way, they installed Growl without your permission.

Let us be clear:

We do not endorse applications installing Growl without your permission. In fact, we hate it. Nothing should ever install anything on your system without your knowledge and your explicit consent.

Here is the list of applications that we know of that have installed Growl without telling the user. Please note that most of these applications have corrected this behavior in more recent versions of their software.

I uninstalled Growl, and now it's back! What's going on?

You most likely have an older version of Dropbox installed. We highly recommend updating Dropbox, however you can optionally turn off Dropbox's preference to use Growl, as described at the Dropbox page. Once you update Dropbox or after that preference is off will Dropbox not reinstall Growl.

There is nothing we can do to prevent this. Anything we could do between our installer and Growl to only accept a deliberate installation, any third-party installer such as Dropbox's could imitate, so there is no way for Growl to know for sure that you installed it and not an application acting without your permission.