Getting a new langauge into Growl or any of our other applications, you will need accounts on two services.

In the first part of 2012, The Growl Project worked to convert all of Growl and the Extras to strings and rtf based translations. The result is that we can now more easily update Growl with your changes.

Strings Translations

The first step for translating Growl and the Extras is to translate all of the strings. You can translate Growl either on the Transifex website, or with a tool like iLocalize. If you choose to use a tool like iLocalize, you will need to upload the strings files to our Transifex project, and you will need access to our private google group (request access on our public google group).

The Growl Project has a transifex project here. Once logged in, look to see if the language you want to translate Growl is listed. If it is, you may feel free to join that team. If there is no team for your language of choice, go ahead and create one.

Once you are set up on a team, you will be able to both translate strings, and communicate with others on the same language team through Transifex.

RTF Translations

As Transifex does not yet support RTF files, we will need to handle these the old fashioned way. You can download the RTF files from here. Check with others on your Transifex team or on the google groups before translating these, as they may already be completely translated. Once translated, send the RTF files to our Google Group. Be sure to indicate what language they are for.

Communication and Successful Translation

The real key to a completely successful localization of Growl, or any product in general, is communication. Being able to ask what the meaning of a word is so that you can better translate it into another langauge is just one example of the many benefits. We provide both a public and private google group for communication. Our public group is located here and is good for general questions and for posting the RTF files. If you would like to test your changes during our beta phases, be sure to ask for access to our private group on the public group.


People should be able to use the applications they want to use in their native language. With your help this can happen. Our goal with localization is to be able to provide as many languages as possible in all of our applications.