Exploring Preferences.

Growl 1.3 has five different settings panes. Let's take a few moments and talk about each of them.

General Tab
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Applications Tab
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Display Options Tab
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Network Tab
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Network Tab
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The General tab is the place where we put the preferences we feel you may change the most frequently. You can set your rollup preferences, configure the default display location, and set Growl to run at login. You can also click the button to view other downloads that we provide here on the website.


The Applications tab is where you go to configure the how different applications behave when sending notifications to Growl. You can do a lot of different things here:

  • Enable and disable whole applications
  • Set the priority of different notifications
  • Configure custom settings for the application, like display position and sounds
  • Set certain notifications to stay on screen until you click to acknowledge them
  • And a whole lot more, check it out!


Display Options is where you can configure what you are shown when Growl notifies you.

First you select which display you would like to configure. Then you can change settings on each display however you wish. Some displays have priority settings, some provide preference on the transparency, etc.

To get more display styles, or make your own, visit the expanding Growl page


This tab allows you either to forward your notifications to another computer or to recieve notifications from another computer.


The about page has the same information as our team page, located here.