Information for Application Developers

Adding Growl support to a Cocoa application

  1. Download our SDK from our Developer Downloads page.
  2. Follow the steps in our tutorial for Cocoa developers.

If you still need help, join the Growl Development Google Group and post a message explaining your problem.

Please remember to update your Growl framework whenever we release a new version of Growl! Every Growl release gets a new Growl framework update with improvements in security, size, memory, and other types of things you would normally expect.

To be notified about updates to Growl, subscribe to the Growl Announcements google group. This list has a very low volume of notifications.

Getting listed on our Applications page

  1. Subscribe to our Growl New Apps mailing list. (We have to require subscription; otherwise, we get buried in spam. We won't spam you.)
  2. Post a message on the list announcing that you've added Growl support. Please include the following:

    • Your application's name
    • The name of the category your application belongs in, and/or a concise description of what your application does
    • If your app is in the app store, we will link to it there.
    • A link to your application's product webpage if it is not in the app store.
    • A 128×128 PNG file of your application's icon

Posting Growl notifications from AppleScript scripts